My name is Myles and I am a Seattle based designer, architectural thinker, and bikepacker. I started riding gravel roads at age 4 in rural Texas. At age 8 I was designing my first houses on graph paper in my Florida bedroom. My whole life, riding bikes has always been a way for me to reach out into the unknown and observe the transition between neighborhoods, cultures, cities, and nature. I have learned to appreciate cycling as a discipline racing and placing on Cyclocross and Road bikes. After studies in Urban & Regional Planning and Art History at Florida State University, I continued on to pursue Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago while fabricating furniture, working at bike shops, and studying economics in my free time.  In 2015 I rode across the country and settled down in Seattle, where I am currently working as an architectural designer for school buildings in the region while exploring the infinite pockets of the Pacific Northwest.

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